Yes Yes: Polish Food in Berlin

Pierogi please.


I would like to pretend that this post about hearty pierogi and restorative beetroot soup is tied in with autumn sneaking in. But it’s not – I don’t give a damn what season it is, I always fiend after them. Have you ever had them before? Yes? Thank God. No?! I’m sorry.

After a trip to Poland, how can you not come back addicted to them? There are a zillion and one reasons to like pierogi, but really any one of those is enough. They’re thick and soft, with a potato-y dough just like gnocchi. They take literally two minutes to steam. That means that at Tak Tak, they’re always fresh and piping. They are so versatile: the traditional fillings are mushrooms or potato and cheese, or even sweet cottage cheese topped with apple or red berry sauce. And they’re obviously really filling – a “small” portion of 7 pieces is still going to end just short of belly ache.


Tak Tak also likes to do things to pierogi that would horrify their grannies – like stuffing them with turkey and sundried tomatoes. The chefs do a monthly special to mix things up: deutsch-ifying this snack with asparagus was definitely one of their most clever plays.

Being interesting, Tak Tak refuses to limit itself to the people’s favourite of pierogis. They also have classic Polish soups, including barszcz. Don’t panic about the consonants: it’s pronounced bar-sh-ch (I think), and in English we call it borscht. There are too many variations, but the one in Tak Tak is awesome; it’s served hot in a glass, and is meant to be a juicy companion to your pierogis.


Tak Tak’s deli uses fresh ingredients and is open pretty late, so why would you ever go for a pre- or post-drinking döner ever again?

Tak Tak Polish Deli
Brunnenstrasse 5

Daily: 12 pm – 10 pm

By the way, “tak tak” means “yes yes” in Polish.


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