What’s all this blah blah?

Another blog about Berlin life and culture? Please.

There’s no denying it: there are more of those knocking around than old GDR armchairs (meaning the kind that don’t even have arms, of course). You can find them almost anywhere, anyone can get them and everyone has them. So what’s the point in joining in the jibber-jabber?

The thing about Berlin is that there is so much to say. Every time you make a new friend here, you gain a new favourite hangout. Mapping all of the best places and events in this city is impossible, and for a few good reasons:

1. There are always new ones – this is the start-up capital, after all.

2. They’re usually independent, so therefore don’t have enough money to plaster their logos all over town. The only way you’ll hear about them is by word of mouth.

3. There are so many of them. People can make it their life’s mission to sift the streets for the hippest bars, but they never finish. The discoveries are endless.

But an endless search isn’t a useless one. Giving up would just be, well, giving up. And a shared search is a search halved (or something like that). This blog aims to meet the adventurous ones halfway with some helpful hints about Berlin’s best and buried treasures.

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