Two and Two = 10/10 Cafe in Berlin

Maths isn’t my forte. Drinking coffee in nice cafés is.

Two and Two cafe Berlin Neukölln

Don’t ever big up a brunch place in Berlin. It’s as if they know you’re coming, and to prepare for your modest party of two they’ll hire hipsters & co. to strategically spread themselves across the five only tiny tables. This was my experience at Roamers, which deserves both its hype and its following. But that said I may have thanked God for gentrification in Neukölln – Two And Two was just around the corner.

Two and Two cafe Berlin Neukölln

Actually, around a few corners. We wandered for a miserable seven minutes. Hungry and heartbroken, it was hardly surprising that we went for one of the first places that put a chalked-up A-board in our way. This chance café promised French and Japanese goodies – a quirky claim. We went inside.

Two and Two cafe Berlin Neukölln

Our first priority was food, and although the menu was simple, the baguettes were délicieuse. The coffee was great, too – it was a nice touch to order one and be asked, “Which roast?” But before you start splitting hairs over countries of origin, don’t worry, this café doesn’t do mystical bean menus; just a choice out of two and an apt sentence from the bartender to tell you what to expect.

Two and Two cafe Berlin Neukölln

I’ve been to Two And Two a couple of times since, and it’s become one of those cafés that you can rely on for anything. They have a stable WiFi connection and a room kitted out with tables you can sit at to pound away at your projects. But there’s also a cosy room in the back. This is where you and a friend, in human or book form, will feel at home. “Home” here meaning wall prints of cells (huh?), a Michelin map of Paris (now that makes more sense), browse-able bookshelves and inviting armchairs.

Two and Two cafe Berlin Neukölln

The biggest surprise? I could spend hours in their WC. Maybe. Very probably, because facing you as you sit doing whatever, your eye will be tugged across a sprawling print-out menagerie of the best and the worst the internet has to offer. A meme hall of fame… or shame… which is probably the same thing.

Two and Two cafe Berlin Neukölln

Two And Two
Pannierstrasse 6


Daily: 10am – 6.30pm


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