Nibbles at Nibs

Let me introduce you to chocolate.



Hot chocolate should be so good that you’d squeeze yourself, chunky winter layers and all, onto a tiny bench for it. Hence why the above photo features someone’s legs in the background. In fact, Nibs Cacao is so tiny that I barely had enough space to swing a camera around. If you live in Berlin, then the narrow chocolatiers will remind you of your bathroom. If you don’t live in Berlin, line up a couple of medium-sized wardrobes side by side, then add a chest of drawers to make an L-shape – that’s Nibs.

If you’re lazy *AHEM* freelance like me, then go at the most unpopular time you can, unless you enjoy doing battle with fellow chocoholics – there will be a queue. Once inside, admire the wide selection of flavoured hot chocolates they have. And then forget all of them, apart from the one at the very top of the menu board: the Spanish hot chocolate. Why? For the same reason that this kind of chocolate is served with a spoon – it’s so thick, so oozing with real chocolate, that you’re supposed to eat it rather than drink it. To ease you into this idea of eating your drink, they also serve the Spanish version with freshly fried churros. Never had it? Picture doughnuts, only better – fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and sprinkled with sugar. “Can it get more heavenly than that?!” screams your inner greedy person. Oh yes it can: the churros and the chocolate are made fresh – the Spanish hot chocolate always has a quick turnover.


After a couple of minutes’ worthwhile wait, that’s my hot chocolate being poured right there.

Ok, let’s not be unfair to all the other chocolates. I’ve tried the chilli chocolate which was yum, and there are tons of others which sound great – ones mixed with coffee, alcohol, syrups, toppings, etc. But the thing is, lovely flavours – lovely as you all are – the rich Spanish chocolate is so unique in Berlin. For some reason, no one else has thought, ‘You know what people really want to have? Chocolately hot chocolate!’ No one else that I know of who is situated closer than Poland, anyway. And even within that 3-hour-train-ride radius, who else serves chocolate that good with churros? Anyone? No, no one comes even close to this kind of heart-attack heaven.

Thankfully, to make up for the sickly guilt that you might have for enjoying such wonderful hot chocolate without your loved ones, there’s a selection of individual home-made chocs (and some cocoa pasta), wrapped in the cutest packaging. Only a couple of euros stands between you and complete absolution…


 Nibs Cacao
Bleibtreustraße 46, Charlottenburg
S-Bahnhof Savignyplatz
Mon – Sat: 11am – 8pm
Sun: 1pm – 7pm


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